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  • New method to detect illicit drone filming developed January 15, 2018
    A new technique to detect a drone camera illicitly capturing video is revealed in a new study by cyber security researchers in Israel. The study addresses increasing concerns about the proliferation of drone use for personal and business applications and how it is impinging on privacy and safety.
  • Pulses of light to encrypt data and protect security of cryptocurrencies January 11, 2018
    Data travels through thousands of miles of fiber optic cables underneath the world's oceans — via pulses of light. And according to experts, the data in these cables is at great risk of being intercepted. However, a newly designed frequency comb might be an effective tool for data encryption.
  • Developing a secure, un-hackable quantum network January 11, 2018
    A method of securely communicating between multiple quantum devices has been developed by a team of scientists, bringing forward the reality of a large-scale, un-hackable quantum network.
  • Quantum coupling December 21, 2017
    Physicists have linked atoms and superconductors in a key step towards new hardware for quantum computers and networks.
  • Electromagnetic emissions from smartphones analyzed for security vulnerability December 19, 2017
    Researchers are developing a tool that enables cell phones to be analyzed in order to determine if they could undergo a cyber-attack to obtain encryption keys through their electromagnetic emanations.
  • Easier paths to quantum-based techology December 15, 2017
    Engineers have shown that a widely used method of detecting single photons can also count the presence of at least four photons at a time. The researchers say this discovery will unlock new capabilities in physics labs working in quantum information science around the world, while providing easier paths to developing quantum-based technologies.
  • Improving cyber security in harsh environments December 13, 2017
    Many people don't worry about the security of their personal information until it's too late. And protecting data is even more important for military personnel, whose lives could be in danger if some types of information were to get into the wrong hands. Now, one group reports a new way to protect data, especially when […]
  • Long-lived storage of a photonic qubit for worldwide teleportation December 12, 2017
    Scientists achieve long storage times for photonic quantum bits which break the lower bound for direct teleportation in a global quantum network.
  • 'Toolboxes' for quantum cybersecurity December 8, 2017
    A quantum information scientist has developed efficient 'toolboxes' comprising theoretical tools and protocols for quantifying the security of high-speed quantum communication.
  • Security flaw found: 10 million banking app users at risk December 6, 2017
    Researchers have developed a tool to perform semi-automated security testing of mobile phone apps. After running the tool on a sample of 400 security critical apps, they were able to identify a critical vulnerability in banking apps.