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  • Consumers don't fully trust smart home technologies August 4, 2020
    Smart home technologies are marketed to enhance your home and make life easier. However, consumers are not convinced that they can trust the privacy and security of these technologies, a new study has shown.
  • 'Deepfakes' ranked as most serious AI crime threat August 4, 2020
    Fake audio or video content has been ranked by experts as the most worrying use of artificial intelligence in terms of its potential applications for crime or terrorism, according to a new report.
  • Sharing a secret…the quantum way July 31, 2020
    Researchers have demonstrated a record setting quantum protocol for sharing a secret amongst many parties.
  • Randomness theory could hold key to internet security July 27, 2020
    Researchers identified a problem that holds the key to whether all encryption can be broken — as well as a surprising connection to a mathematical concept that aims to define and measure randomness.
  • Atomtronic device could probe boundary between quantum, everyday worlds July 17, 2020
    A new device that relies on flowing clouds of ultracold atoms promises potential tests of the intersection between the weirdness of the quantum world and the familiarity of the macroscopic world we experience every day.
  • Spintronics: Faster data processing through ultrashort electric pulses July 2, 2020
    Physicists have developed a simple concept that could improve significantly magnetic-based data processing. Using ultrashort electric pulses in the terahertz range, data can be written, read and erased very quickly. This would make data processing faster, more compact and energy efficient. The researchers confirmed their theory by running complex simulations.
  • No keys to the kingdom: New single sign-on algorithm provides superior privacy June 29, 2020
    Single sign-on systems (SSOs) allow us to login to multiple websites and applications using a single username and password combination. But these are third party systems usually handled by Big Tech companies who have been reported to gather and leak personal information without user consent. Now, researchers have developed a new and secure single sign-on […]
  • Quantum physics provides a way to hide ignorance June 29, 2020
    Students can hide their ignorance and answer questions correctly in an exam without their lack of knowledge being detected by teachers — but only in the quantum world.
  • New approach to DNA data storage makes system more dynamic, scalable June 12, 2020
    Researchers have developed a fundamentally new approach to DNA data storage systems, giving users the ability to read or modify data files without destroying them and making the systems easier to scale up for practical use.
  • Adding noise for completely secure communication June 11, 2020
    How can we protect communications against 'eavesdropping' if we don't trust the devices used in the process? This is one of the main questions in quantum cryptography research. Researchers have now succeeded in laying the theoretical groundwork for a communication protocol that guarantees one hundred percent privacy.