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  • Storing data in everyday objects December 9, 2019
    Researchers have discovered a new method for turning nearly any object into a data storage unit. This makes it possible to save extensive data in, say, shirt buttons, water bottles or even the lenses of glasses, and then retrieve it years later. The technique also allows users to hide information and store it for later […]
  • Mobile devices blur work and personal privacy raising cyber risks December 5, 2019
    Organizations aren't moving quickly enough on cyber security threats linked to the drive toward using personal mobile devices in the workplace.
  • Design flaw could open Bluetooth devices to hacking November 14, 2019
    Mobile apps that work with Bluetooth devices have an inherent design flaw that makes them vulnerable to hacking, new research has found.
  • Quantum chip 1,000 times smaller than current setups October 31, 2019
    Researchers have developed a quantum communication chip that is 1,000 times smaller than current quantum setups, but offers the same superior security quantum technology is known for.
  • Detector that stops lateral phishing attacks October 29, 2019
    To alleviate this growing problem of email scams, computer scientists have developed a prototype of a machine-learning based detector that automatically detects and stops lateral phishing attacks.
  • Extracting hidden quantum information from a light source October 24, 2019
    Researchers report on a technique to extract the quantum information hidden in an image that carries both classical and quantum information. This technique opens a new pathway for quantum enhance microscopes that aim to observe ultra-sensitive samples.
  • Preventing cyber security attacks lies in strategic, third-party investments October 21, 2019
    Companies interested in protecting themselves and their customers from cyber-attacks need to invest in themselves and the vendors that handle their data, according to new research.
  • Combination of techniques could improve security for IoT devices October 10, 2019
    A multi-pronged data analysis approach that can strengthen the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices — such as smart TVs, home video cameras and baby monitors — against current risks and threats has been created.
  • Scientists one step closer to a fully functioning quantum computer September 25, 2019
    Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize technology, medicine, and science by providing faster and more efficient processors, sensors, and communication devices. But transferring information and correcting errors within a quantum system remains a challenge. Researchers now demonstrate a new method of relaying information by transferring the state of electrons. The research brings scientists one […]
  • Here's the kind of data hackers get about you from hospitals September 23, 2019
    New research has uncovered the specific data leaked through hospital breaches, sounding alarm bells for nearly 170 million people.