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  • New tools to minimize risks in shared, augmented-reality environments August 20, 2019
    Security researchers have created ShareAR, a toolkit that lets developers build collaborative and interactive features into AR apps without sacrificing their users' privacy and security.
  • Router guest networks lack adequate security, experts say August 15, 2019
    While many organizations and home networks use a host and guest network on the same router hardware to increase security, a new study indicates that routers from well-known manufacturers are vulnerable to cross-router data leaks through a malicious attack on one of the two separated networks.
  • App allows inspectors to find gas pump skimmers faster August 14, 2019
    Computer scientists have developed an app that allows state and federal inspectors to detect devices that steal consumer credit and debit card data at gas pumps. The devices, known as skimmers, use Bluetooth to transmit the data they steal.
  • Tech companies not doing enough to protect users from phishing scams July 30, 2019
    Just over 15 years after the first reported incident of phishing, new research suggests tech companies could be doing more to protect users from the threat of scams. However, greater awareness of the issue is also needed among individuals and organizations.
  • Anonymizing personal data 'not enough to protect privacy,' shows new study July 23, 2019
    Current methods for anonymizing data leave individuals at risk of being re-identified, according to new research.
  • Personalized medicine software vulnerability uncovered July 2, 2019
    A weakness in one common open source software for genomic analysis left DNA-based medical diagnostics vulnerable to cyberattacks. Researchers identified the weakness and notified the software developers, who issued a patch to fix the problem. The issue has also been fixed in the latest release of the software, and no attack from this vulnerability is […]
  • Researchers teleport information within a diamond June 28, 2019
    Researchers have teleported quantum information securely within the confines of a diamond. The study has big implications for quantum information technology — the future of how sensitive information is shared and stored.
  • Building a bridge to the quantum world June 26, 2019
    Entanglement is one of the main principles of quantum mechanics. Physicists have found a way to use a mechanical oscillator to produce entangled radiation. This method might prove extremely useful when it comes to connecting quantum computers.
  • Discovery of a 'holy grail' with the invention of universal computer memory June 20, 2019
    A new type of computer memory to solve the digital technology energy crisis has been invented and patented by scientists. The device is the realization of the decades long search for a 'Universal Memory' to replace the $100 billion market for Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) and flash drives. It promises to transform daily life […]
  • Hackproofing smart meters June 6, 2019
    Cybersecurity researchers have developed an automated program aimed at foiling smart meter hacking and boosting security in the smart grid.