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  • Satellite study proves global quantum communication will be possible December 20, 2018
    Researchers in Italy have demonstrated the feasibility of quantum communications between high-orbiting global navigation satellites and a ground station, with an exchange at the single photon level over a distance of 20,000 km. The milestone experiment proves the feasibility of secure quantum communications on a global scale, using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).
  • Better security achieved with randomly generating biological encryption keys December 19, 2018
    Data breaches, hacked systems and hostage malware are frequently topics of evening news casts — including stories of department store, hospital, government and bank data leaking into unsavory hands — but now a team of engineers has an encryption key approach that is unclonable and not reverse-engineerable, protecting information even as computers become faster and […]
  • Healthcare providers — not hackers — leak more of your data November 20, 2018
    New research found that more than half of the recent personal health information, or PHI, data breaches were because of internal issues with medical providers — not because of hackers or external parties.
  • New attacks on graphics processors endanger user privacy November 5, 2018
    Web browsers use GPUs to render graphics on desktops, laptops, and smart phones. GPUs are also used to accelerate applications on the cloud and data centers. GPUs are usually programmed using application programming interfaces, or APIs, such as OpenGL. OpenGL is accessible by any application on a desktop with user-level privileges. Since desktop or laptop […]
  • One step closer to complex quantum teleportation November 2, 2018
    For future technologies such as quantum computers and quantum encryption, the experimental mastery of complex quantum systems is inevitable. Scientists have now succeeded in making another leap. While physicists are trying to increase the number of so-called qubits, the other researchers are pursuing the idea to use more complex quantum systems. The developed methods and […]
  • To fight email scammers, take a different view, literally November 1, 2018
    A team of researchers is helping law enforcement crack down on email scammers, thanks to a new visual analytics tool that dramatically speeds up forensic email investigations and highlights critical links within email data. Email scams are among the most prevalent, insidious forms of cybercrime. The research team has already begun sharing Beagle with law […]
  • These new techniques expose your browsing history to attackers October 30, 2018
    Security researchers have discovered four new ways to expose Internet users' browsing histories. These techniques could be used by hackers to learn which websites users have visited as they surf the web.
  • Shielded quantum bits October 26, 2018
    A theoretical concept to realize quantum information processing has been developed by a team of physicists.
  • Computer Security: Preventing attacks made possible by Meltdown/Spectre October 18, 2018
    Researchers have developed a new security system that has been shown to outperform Intel's own approach at preventing so-called 'timing attacks' made possible by vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre.
  • Defects promise quantum communication through standard optical fiber October 1, 2018
    An international team of scientists has identified a way to create quantum bits that emit photons that describe their state at wavelengths close to those used by telecom providers. These qubits are based on silicon carbide in which molybdenum impurities create color centers.